PTC CDRS V2001 (2001450) 實體模型繪製超高檔軟體 英文版 (3CD)


軟體名稱: PTC CDRS V2001 (2001450)
語系版本: 英文版
光碟片數: 3片裝
破解說明: 詳見光碟 \Crack 目錄中。
軟體類型: 實體模型繪製軟體
系統支援: 以官方網站為準
更新日期: 2008.01.01
軟體簡介: (以官方網站為準)

CDRS works the way designers think,bringing clarity to designs with
perfect surfaces and complex detail ?all in less time. Our intuitive
interface releases your creative expression in form,color,and detail.

Start with curves
The natural way for designers to start is with curves. Curves can be
generated by tracing directly on scanned images or developed freehand in

You have precise control over curve shaping because any point on a curve
can be modified.

Select a set of basic form-defining curves and CDRS automatically creates
surfaces. CDRS surfaces are built properly from the start. They can blend
together equally or one shape can dominate another. Dynamically sculpt
your model by pushing or pulling on curves and watch connected surfaces
update instantly and smoothly.

Evaluate your design
Use CDRS's powerful evaluation tools to analyze form,curvature,
highlights,and draft angles. Cut sections dynamically and display
continuity conditions with surfaces. The quality surfaces you create on
screen remain true through the design process and into production.

Communicate your ideas
Investigate design alternatives and communicate your best ideas to
engineering,manufacturing,and management. Use CDRS to create accurate
photorealistic images of your model for design approval. Since CDRS can
interface directly into Pro/ENGINEER using native geometry,data can be
shared early in the design process. Multiple CDRSIn features can be
transferred to Pro/ENGINEER and design changes automatically update the
engineering model. This allows design and engineering teams to see the
immediate results their changes will have on the overall design.

Present your designs
There is no better way to communicate your ideas than with photorealistic
images and animations.

Produce convincing presentations for design selection and approval without
committing time and money for physical prototypes. Create renderings so
realistic they can be used in marketing collateral before the product is

In today's market,good design is no luxury. As a product moves from
concept to reality,the tool that takes it there determines the quality
of the result.

CDRS is the most powerful software for product and transportation
designers who need expressive tools that link to engineering and